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Alcohol Treatment

Above & Beyond the 12 Steps!

Tekuma Recovery Group recommends a Therapeutic Community in Israel for alcohol treatment. Alcohol treatment cannot be successful unless the alcoholic is convinced that his life is out of control and that his belief that he can remain in control is shattered. Step One of the Twelve Steps is an essential ingredient on the road to maintaining sobriety. However, in addition to the steps, Tekuma Recovery Group also subscribes to the concept of fellowship, and the dependence on others to help maintain sobriety each and every day.

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Tekuma Recovery expands the concept of fellowship into a living and working community, functioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alcohol treatment in such a community takes on a new and powerful significance both for the so-called functioning, and more-or-less non-functioning alcoholic.

We are very different from the typical alcohol treatment center and drug treatment center. Our therapeutic community structure is designed for both the newly addicted and for those addicts who have failed previous residential drug and alcohol treatment programs because the all too familiar people, places and things have undermined their best efforts to achieve lasting sobriety. An essential component of the Tekuma experience is that all members are encouraged to contribute to the cohesive spirituality of the community. There is an expectation that members will take an active part by being a supportive and contributing “co-therapist”, which is one of the reasons this program is very different from the typical alcohol treatment center and typical drug treatment center.

In Tekuma Recovery, clients find their identity and a new direction, which enables them to combat their alcoholism and establish a meaningful place in the world. Psychiatric and medical consultants give special attention to identifying and treating psychiatric and medical disorders (commonly referred to as a ‘dual diagnoses’) that may have played a role in preventing the alcoholic from succeeding in maintaining sobriety in other residential drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Combating alcoholism is a life-long struggle. The motivation to engage in this struggle and the will to practice learned relapse-prevention skills follows the formation of a healthy solid core of sober group identity founded on a spiritual basis. While the typical alcohol treatment center does indeed emphasizes the 12 step fellowship model, Tekuma Recovery Group recommends expanding that fellowship into one that is 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Alcohol Treatment