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Drug & Alcohol Treatment

A Unique Treatment Atmosphere!

Tekuma Recovery Group recommends several different uniquely effective Therapeutic Communities in Israel which feature drug and alcohol treatment both for first-time addicts and for those who have had multiple relapses despite their repeated attempts to achieve sobriety. An important ingredient in the treatment approach in these communities is that their residents establish sufficient physical and emotional distance from all the familiar people, places, and things that have up until now reinforced their negative behaviors.

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Tekuma does not recommend a treatment atmosphere which is so typical of many other drug and alcohol treatment programs that feature the amenities of pool, golf, tennis and gourmet food. Tekuma believes those amenities distract and insulate people from their inner spiritual quest which is so necessary for recovery. Instead, Tekuma promotes the drug and alcohol treatment programs in Israel that introduce their residents to the uniquely spiritual aspects of Israeli culture. Working the 12 steps within this Israeli community of cohesive mutuality, self-reliance and individual courage conjoined with a full schedule of group and individual therapies will enable the participants to achieve lasting freedom from their dependencies after returning home.

The concept that addicts frequently use language for the sake of gamesmanship and thereby maintain their self-destructive compulsive behaviors is well known. Typically, addicts are skilled narrators whose fluency in their mother tongue sometimes create only an illusion of change. Addicts who share their “war stories” actually help each other maintain addictions rather than overcome them. Instead, by living in Israel in a supportive bilingual residential drug and alcohol treatment Therapeutic Community where some of the language will at first be unfamiliar, the resident will more likely become empowered to create a new and more beneficial life narrative.