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Dual Diagnosis

We identify & treat any underlying conditions!

The treatments of alcohol and drug addiction, gambling addiction, and eating disorders are typically complicated by the presence of additional psychological conditions (commonly referred to as ‘dual diagnoses’). If these underlying conditions are not treated, the patient is most likely not going to be able to achieve lasting freedom from his/her dependencies.

Many drug rehab programs neglect to determine if the participant has other co-existing psychological conditions which predispose them to dependencies. These programs attempt to treat only the so-called addiction. Unfortunately, after the “treatment” is completed the person remains struggling with the same dependencies and the same underlying predisposing psychological conditions.

Tekuma Recovery Group recommends only those drug rehab programs in Israel, which are clinically equipped to identify and treat dual diagnoses. A dual diagnosis includes, in addition to substance dependency, a range of psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolarity, post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorders and various forms of temporary and/or chronic psychoses. Some of these conditions should be treated with supplemental medication, but only in the minimal doses that are most effective. Again, if dual diagnoses are left untreated, the person will most likely be unable to maintain a dependency free state despite having previously participated in one or several other drug rehab programs. Sometimes people come into one of our programs, “overdosed” on psychiatric medicines because of a long history of treatment providers who have simply continued and in some cases also added to ongoing medications. In the therapeutic community, these medications are readjusted in the most judicious way possible over a sufficiently appropriate length of time simultaneously with the achievement of a healthy life style. The Israeli psychiatrists are dedicated to helping our residents who need medication to do so with the least amount necessary to treat specifically targeted symptoms.

The participants in the therapeutic drug rehab programs that Tekuma Recovery Group recommends include those suffering not only from alcoholism and opiate addiction but also from other dependencies such as eating disorders and compulsive gambling. Tekuma Recovery Group does not separate or segregate treatments since these dependencies can be ameliorated through the judicious application of the twelve steps in a loving and supportive therapeutic environment which includes individual and group psychotherapies and medications when necessary.