Program Details

Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment

120 Days!

Unlike most residential drug and alcohol treatment programs, which require only a 30 day stay, Tekuma Recovery Group recommends a minimum of 4 months. Historically, the 30-day requirement was based on non-clinical factors such as the limitations of insurance coverage.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that participants in residential drug and alcohol treatment programs that are less than a 120-days are more likely to relapse than those participants who stay longer. Simply put, the longer the treatment the greater the likelihood that the participant will maintain sobriety and freedom from dependencies provided that the participant transitions back to a structured and supportive environment. Tekuma will provide follow up support services for one year. This follow up includes networking and drug and alcohol testing when appropriate.

Tekuma Recovery abides by the AA/NA concept of fellowship with our recommendation of a 24/7 living and working therapeutic community in Israel. Treatment in such a community is powerful and proven effective.