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This agreement governs the terms and conditions that apply to your use of our website. Please read this entire agreement before you continue to use our web site. Your continued use of our website means you knowledge and accepts these terms and conditions. You agree that these terms and conditions may be changed at any time in our discretion. Any changes to these terms and conditions will be posted on our site with the dates of the change and will be .effective immediately. Any use of our website constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The following terms and conditions apply to all who access our web site:

  • You agree on web site will not be used for any activity that interferes with any third party rights or violates any law or policy;
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  • You agree not to use any other persons information to access our web site;
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  • You will not use our web site to transmit viruses or other features that may disrupt our web site or any user’s computer
  • You agree to not post information on our web site may be considered obscene, pornographic, offensive, or indecent;
  • You will not breach any intellectual property rights;
  • You will not engage in any deceptive practices.

You agree to indemnify us in the event that any claim, action, suit, or any other demand is placed against us due to actions you may have taken in violation of these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change the content and/or the format of our website at any time without prior notice at our sole discretion. The information that we provide on our website may also include third party information. You acknowledge and agree that we are in no way responsible for such third party content. You acknowledge and agree that the information contained on our web site is intended only to give you an overview of our program. Although we do our best to keep the information on our website current you agree that some of the information may not be current. If the information on our web site is outdated, or contains any errors or omissions you accept that we do not warrant timeliness of this information. We do our best to ensure the security of our website. We cannot warrant that access to the website will be uninterrupted, if interrupted when it might be restored, or that the server is guaranteed to be free of bugs. You agree that virus checks and procedures for firewalls are your sole responsibility and not the responsibility of the owners of this website. You further agree and accept that any third party link leaves our web site and you accept the risk and understand the link does not represent any endorsement, agreement or other exceptions of the services or products on that link site. All intellectual property that is part of this website including software, information, or any other service on our site is our sole property and protected by the appropriate copyright laws. You agree you will not reproduce, copy, or otherwise reverse engineer any feature of this website.

Confidentiality and privacy All communication or material you sent to us by e-mail will be treated as non confidential as defined by the applicable privacy laws. This includes but is not limited to questions, comments, recommendations or other data. We do everything possible to protect your privacy and your personal information when you are visiting our web site.

Liability No warranties or rights apart from those specifically outlined in this privacy policy are granted to any user of this website. To the extent permitted by law we do not guarantee the quality or the reliability of information on this web site. You agree we will not be liable for any indirect or consequential lost or damage or the potential loss of profits, reputation, goodwill, whether that loss is director in direct. A third party managers our web site and to the fullest extent of the law you agree not to file any claims against a manager in connection with your use of this site. The terms and conditions as defined in this document represent the entire understanding and agreement between you and us. If any part of these terms and conditions is deemed unenforceable, it shall not render the enforceable clauses unenforceable. Any failure on our part to enforce any part of our terms and conditions at any time does not relinquish the rights to enforce them at any other time.

Privacy A complete explanation of our privacy policy may be found in its entirety on our privacy policy page. Any discrepancy between these terms of service and a privacy policy will not render that clause unenforceable. These terms of service are in effect December 15, 2008 and remain in full force and effect until they are changed and subsequently posted on our web site.